Art calendar 2024 by Tom Townsey (UK version)

€33,45 EUR
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Frais d'expédition forfaitaires pour l'UE - calculés à la caisse. Livraison 4-5 jours ouvrés.

Note ! Les 6 illustrations des mois ici sont en basse résolution, mais sont bien sûr nettes dans le calendrier imprimé.

Les 6 derniers mois sont laissés de côté pour intriguer votre anticipation.

Art inspired by the Côte d'Azur

This art calendar is made by Tom Townsey. The artwork is inspired by the beautiful French Riviera - the nature, the mountains, the cities, the sea and the people.

The calendar contains: 

  • UK Hollidays
  • Global sportsevents
  • Space for your own notes


Ideal gift idea

The calendar is a perfect gift idea for both friends, family and acquaintances. This is the gift that gives throughout the year and spreads good karma in everyday life.


Product specification:

The calendar is in size 21x21 cm (21x42 when open) and printed on 250 gram semi-gloss silk paper.

To hang on wall by "o-top".